Personal Development

Charting Your Course
Take control of your development and keep yoruself on a steep learning curve all year long.

Task, Time and Prioritization
Given fewer resources and more projects, effective personal and team time management becomes even more critical.

Learning Agility
Performing well in difficult, first-time situations is characteristic of a “high potential”. Complete the CHOICES© self-assessment to measure your agility.

Receive detailed feedback on your communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution styles. Get a new perspectivec on how you interact with others who see the world differently.

VOICES© Multi-rater feedback
Comprehensive performance feedback from managers, peers, clients, and direct reports.

BarOn EQi©
This emotional intelligence self-assessment highlights stregths and areas for enrichment in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

Personal Coaching
PD offers confidential counseling, whether you have a quick question or want to work on long-term development.

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